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EA says it will develop games for the NX if it “makes sense...

A spokesperson for EA has confirmed in a new interview that the company will make games for the Nintendo NX “if it makes sense.”

EA boss, “We don’t make Wii U games because the marke...

EA finally admits it doesn’t make Wii U games because the install base just isn’t big enough.

EA says it focuses on the future, why it doesn’t support Ni...

Peter Moore says EA only develops for platforms that matter in the long term.

Nintendo says third party publishers will return as Wii U system ...

Third party publishers will return to the Wii U once a few more system seller games have been released, says Nintendo exec.

EA releasing FIFA 15 on Wii and 3DS, skipping Wii U

FIFA 15 is skipping the Wii U this year, while coming to every other console on the market.

Peter Moore apologizes for rude April Fool’s Day tweets

Peter Moore apologized for the tweets from the Frostbite Twitter account yesterday, calling them unacceptable and stupid.

“Nintendo was dead to us very quickly” says EA

One anonymous EA veteran says the relationship between the companies was doomed to fail.

German EA survey has no mention of Nintendo products

EA completely ignores Nintendo consoles in its latest survey sent to users concerning gaming platforms.

EA says they don’t want to be voted Worst Company in Americ...

EA doesn’t want to be the worst company in America three times in a row, so they’re listening to consumers.

Peter Moore says the Wii U is an offline box in an online world

Peter Moore says the Wii U feels like an offline experience and is out of sync with EA’s future vision.

EA Sports says it would develop for Wii U if it had the user base

EA Sports boss Andrew Wilson says EA Sports games aren’t coming to Wii U because nobody plays sports on the Wii U.

EA backtracks, says Frostbite 3 can run on Wii U

Electronic Arts now says Frostbite 3 is capable of running on the Wii U but that it’s not a high priority for the company.

EA says it’s watching Wii U, but focusing on PS4 & Xbo...

EA says it hasn’t abandoned the Wii U as a platform, just that it’s focusing on the PS4 and the Xbox One in order...

EA backtracks, says they are working on Wii U games

EA’s CFO backtracks and says the company is developing for Wii U, but has bigger plans for Xbox One and PS4.

EA finally admits it has no games in development for Wii U

A representative from EA has finally confirmed that the company has no titles in active development for the Wii U.

Rumor: EA flatlines research & development for Wii U

Electronic Arts has stated that it has been able to eliminate expenses by ignoring platforms with no long-term potential.

EA confirms Madden is skipping Wii U

EA finally confirms that Madden will be skipping the Wii U this year.