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Peter Moore says EA isn’t working on any more Wii U games

The COO of EA reveals the company is not working on any upcoming Wii U titles.

Battlefield 4 not coming to Wii U according to DICE

Battlefield 4 was officially unveiled last night at GDC and today DICE's creative director confirms it's not coming to Wii U.

John Riccitiello resigns as EA’s CEO; what does this mean f...

With John Riccitiello's resignation, Electronic Arts is poised to go in a new direction as a company.

Need for Speed: Mosted Wanted U is graphically superior than curr...

The graphical difference between the Wii U version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted is night and day.

Bioware says final Mass Effect 3 DLC not headed to Wii U

The final two installments of Mass Effect 3 DLC will not be available to Wii U gamers.

Tiger Woods will not be available on Wii U this year

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 will not be available to Wii U owners this year.

Crysis 3 not coming to Wii U and it’s EA’s fault

Crysis CEO blames EA and Nintendo for lack of business drive to see Crysis 3 on the Wii U.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted will feature off-screen play

Release date for Need for Speed: Most Wanted in Japan set for March 14th with new features detailed.