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Nintendo wanted Burnout series creator Criterion to make F-Zero f...

Nintendo approached Criterion about producing an F-Zero demo for E3 2011, but prior commitments made the pitch fall through.

Should F-Zero be revived on the Wii U?

For those of you who have had conversations with me in the past, you can probably guess how this week’s Zorpix Den is going...

The Next Penelope could be released on Wii U

The Next Penelope is an interesting F-Zero style game that could potentially be releasing on Wii U.

Nintendo game for Wii U reportedly coming, not Star Fox or F-Zero

According to ONM, a new Nintendo game is going to be announced soon. We don’t know what it is, but we have a good...

F-Zero Wii U could be “in the works”

A new F-Zero game for Wii U could be in development according to a tweet from developer Shin’en Multimedia.

F-Zero now available in the Virtual Console for 30 cents

Nintendo’s second game in the 30 cent Virtual Console promotion is F-Zero.

Miyamoto on F-Zero for the Wii U

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Zelda and Super Mario, recently shared his thoughts on a few Nintendo subjects