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Direct Response: The fans spoke, Nintendo listened [VIDEO]

There was no fooling around during the Nintendo Direct on April 1st.

New Fatal Frame game getting Western release this fall

Hardcore Fatal Frame fans will be pleased, as during today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced that it is bringing

Fatal Frame has a high chance of localization [RUMOR]

According to a developer close to the project lead for Fatal Frame, the West could be seeing a localization soon.

Koei Tecmo is aware of the campaign to get Fatal Frame outside of...

Koei Tecmo acknowledges Western fans who have been asking for Fatal Frame to be released outside of Japan.

30 minutes of Fatal Frame for Wii U footage

Check out thirty minutes of early footage from Fatal Frame on Wii U.

Another Fatal Frame Japanese stream coming soon

Nintendo of Japan will be hosting another Fatal Frame livestream for Japan this week.

Here’s a handful of new shots from Fatal Frame for Wii U

Check out this gallery of images from the development of the new Fatal Frame for Wii U.

New trailer for Fatal Frame has been uploaded to YouTube

This brand new trailer for Fatal Frame: The Black-Haired Shrine Maiden is pretty creepy.

Here’s the Japanese box art for Fatal Frame Wii U

Check out the Fatal Frame box art for the Japanese version of the game. Still no Western release confirmed yet.

Here’s a look at Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maide...

Koei Tecmo’s reveal of the new Fatal Frame game provides an interesting look into the horror franchise.

Fatal Frame for Wii U reveal coming later this week

A livestream dedicated to Fatal Frame for the Wii U will be live on Thursday.

Tecmo Koei announces a new Fatal Frame Wii U exclusive

Tecmo Koei and Nintendo are planning to bring another Fatal Frame installment to the Wii U.