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Nintendo will make an appearance at Gamescom this year

Once again Nintendo will be attending Gamescom, the largest video game trade show in Europe.

Nintendo wins a few awards at Gamescom 2013

Nintendo takes home best Family Game and best Mobile Game from the Gamescom show this year.

Satoru Shibata gives us a tour of Nintendo’s Gamescom booth

The president of Nintendo of Europe gives us a tour of Nintendo's booth for Gamescom.

Sonic Lost World Gamescom trailer shows more worlds

New Sonic Lost World trailer from Gamescom shows off new features and worlds.

Nintendo returning to Gamescom this year

After skipping last year, Nintendo will be returning to Gamescom in full force.

Wii U photos from GamesCom

While Nintendo is not at the event, third parties are, and they're showing off their Wii U games.

No Wii U at Gamescom event in August

Nintendo has confirmed that it won’t be showing off the Wii U or any other system or games