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Wii U Games Launching November 13th, 5 Days Before Console?

GameStop lists several games as available before console’s release.

GameStop kicks off its Wii U promotion

Mega game retailer GameStop has started promoting the Wii U in its stores.

Wii U sells out at GameStop, demand is “off the charts̶...

GameStop has finally run out of Wii U consoles. The retailer says demand has been “off the charts” for Nintendo’s latest system.

Wii U already sold out at several retailers

GameStop, Best Buy, and Target have all sold out of the Deluxe model. There’s still hope, though.

Nintendo: Wii U pre-orders are “extremely strong”

GameStop, Best Buy, and other retailers are offering Wii U pre-orders, and they’re “extremely strong”, says Nintendo.

Scribblenauts Unlimited Wii U box art and pre-order bonus reveale...

Pre-order bonus includes real life Rooster Hat, free of charge.

Wii U release date rumored for Nov 18, then denied

Another rumor points at a November 18 Wii U release for North America.

Nintendo sending Wii U promotional materials to retailers

Display boxes and marketing materials appear at video game retailers in the UK and North America.

Retailer GameStop is excited about the Wii U

2012 hasn’t been good for retail game sales, and the Wii U will help improve that a lot, believes GameStop.