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Wii U Daily Gift-A-Day Contest Winners Announced!

Our Gift-A-Day giveaway has come to a close and here’s the winners! Remember to contact us by December 26 to claim your prize!

Contest Winners: Tune in today at 4pm CST to see if you’re ...

We’ll be announcing the winners of our Gift-A-Day giveaway today at 4pm CST, so get ready!

Gift Idea Round-up: Last chance to enter our gift-a-day giveaway!

Doing some last minute Christmas shopping? Check out our gift-a-day ideas and enter to win an amiibo or Super Smash Bros!

Gift Idea: Give your Zelda-obsessed gamer something new this holi...

Are you struggling to come up with a gift idea for the Zelda nut you love? Check out these gifts.

Gift Idea: Amazon Prime makes waiting for games easy

Looking for something for the gamer who literally has everything because they keep buying it? Make that experience easier on them next year.

Gift Idea: Bring your gamer’s favorite characters to life w...

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer or complement gift? Why not get them amiibo?

Gift Idea: These headsets will keep your gamer happy

Gamers love to coordinate in online games, so give your gamer friend that ability with these Wii U headsets!

Gift Idea: 10 3DS games that are a must for any 3DS gamer

Check out our top ten giftable games for the Nintendo 3DS and enter for a chance to win several prizes.

Gift Idea: Keep your gamer’s 3DS neat and tidy with these a...

If your gamer has a Nintendo 3DS, chances are they could use a few of these accessories.

Gift Idea: Give the gift of retro gaming with the Retron 5

Giving the gift of old games doesn’t have to be hard anymore. The Retron 5 can play games from five different systems.

Gift Idea: Give your gamer friend choice with eShop cards

Need a gift idea for the gamer who already has everything? Why not get them a few eShop cards and let them decide what...

Gift Idea: Try some new snacks while you game with friends

Doritos and Mountain Dew are great, but they’re not the only snacks available. Try something new or give the gift of new snacks this...

Gift Idea: Unique character figures are a must for any collection

No gamer’s collection is complete without at least one figure of their favorite character. That’s why they’re a great gift idea!

Gift Idea: Make sure your gamer is comfortable with these game ch...

Looking for something for the gamer who has everything? Why not make them comfortable while gaming!

Gift Idea: Replay your old favorites on the go with the NES30 con...

Looking for something to keep your gamer friend entertained? The NES30 is the answer to all your touch-screen gaming woes.

Gift Idea: Nintendo offers 100% certified refurb Wii U for $200

Is your gamer friend Wii U-less? Don’t worry, Nintendo can help you fix that on the cheap this holiday season.

Gift Idea: Surprise your gamer all year round with a subscription...

Exasperated from trying to find something your gamer doesn’t already have? Try Loot Crate!