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Wii U is the most energy efficient next-gen console

The Wii U consumes far, far less energy than its PS4 and Xbox One counterparts.

Sniper rifle vs the Wii U

The Wii U gets shot at with a high-precision sniper rifle.

Nintendo on Wii U hardware, games, and more

During the latest investor Q&A session, Nintendo speaks out on Wii U hardware, games, and much more.

Nintendo: next gen is about “improving gaming experience...

Nintendo says that power isn’t all important when it comes to next gen gaming, what’s important, is the gameplay experience.

Wii U dev kit spotted in another photo

Newest photo of the Wii U dev kit show the hardware using the Wii classic controller via an adapter.

Wii U hardware video walkthrough

A video look at the prototype version of the Wii U console and controller.

Nintendo Wii U hardware specs revealed

Nintendo has revealed the Wii U hardware specs here at E3, but only the “outside” stuff such as

What to expect from the Wii U at E3 2012

What we expect from Nintendo and the Wii U at E3 2012.

Wii U CPU said to support 8 threads, is 20X faster than Wii

A report obtained by Wii U Daily suggests that the Nintendo Wii U CPU is based on the

Wii U operating system rumors suggest massive OS

The Wii U operating system is set to be the biggest ever seen on a home gaming console,

Final version of Wii U dev kit has shipped to developers?

According to a posting on forum NeoGAF — which tends to post lots and lots of rumors, some

Wii U vs Wii: size comparison

The Wii is Nintendo’s smallest home console, and contrary to popular belief, the Wii U isn’t much bigger

Nintendo: We do not focus on technology specs

Last week a few unnamed developers said the Wii U was essentially weaker than the current generation consoles,

Wii U costs Nintendo $180 to manufacture: Report

According to sources close to the manufacturing and assembly of the upcoming Wii U, it costs Nintendo an

Gearbox: Wii U is more powerful than current gen consoles

Here we go again: another day, another developer with comments on the power of the Wii U. This

Wii U is less powerful than Xbox 360, PS3, according to developer

Up until now we’ve heard many things about the Wii U and its hardware. We’ve heard estimates that

Wii U is as powerful as current gen hardware

The Nintendo Wii U is as powerful as the current generation consoles, according to Darksiders 2 developer Vigil