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Team Ninja: Wii U very easy to develop for

Team Ninja, the developer behind the Ninja Gaiden series, are working on bringing Ninja Gaiden to the Wii

Wii U specs include a quad core 3GHz CPU, 768 MB of RAM

Nintendo is finally set to release a new, much more powerful console with HD graphics, and many are

Wii U might support two controllers

When the Wii U was announced at E3 2011, Nintendo revealed that they had plans of only supporting

Crytek: Wii U specs are “very good”

Crytek, one of the AAA game developers behind the Crysis series and the stunning CryEngine, have previously said

Wii U is “for casual and family gamers”

It’s no secret that Nintendo is trying to attract some of the core gamers with the upcoming Wii

Nintendo struggling with Wii U development issues?

According to a rumor from 01net, Nintendo is facing some issues with development of the new Wii U

Bethesda to support Wii U “if it’s powerful enough...

Bethesda, the publisher behind Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, and the upcoming Rage and Prey 2, says that they’re

Wii U is 50% more powerful than PS3 and Xbox 360

According to analysts, the Wii U isn’t that much more powerful than current gen consoles.

Crytek: CryEngine 3 running on Wii U

Crytek, developers of Crysis and a company known to push the limits of videogame visuals, have confirmed that

Wii U hardware at E3 was underclocked

According to new sources from consulting firm Hit Detection, the Wii U console showcased at E3 featured “underclocked”