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Platinum Games’ Scalebound was originally a Wii game

Hideki Kamiya reveals that Xbox-exclusive Scalebound was originally conceived as a Wii game.

Hideki Kamiya explains exactly how Nintendo saved Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 was already in development and denied a publisher when Nintendo swooped in to save it.

The Wonderful 101 soundtrack is releasing September 15

HIdeki Kamiya has announced that The Wonderful 101 soundtrack will be available digitally soon.

Platinum wanted Miis in Wonderful 101, could be featured in a seq...

Wonderful 101 director Hideki Kamiya revealed on Twitter earlier this week that one of his original ideas for the game was to let players...

Kamiya’s New Years resolution hints at a new project

Hideki Kamiya’s new years resolution says he’s starting a new project for 2014. What do you want to see from Platinum Games?

Kamiya says he no longer wants to work on Star Fox due to fan pes...

Hideki Kamiya has revealed that he once shared an interest in working on Star Fox, but has decided against it due to fan pestering.

The Wonderful 101’s art style wasn’t always so bright

Director Hikedi Kamiya says that the art style for The Wonderful 101 was initially “a bit darker.”

Here’s the ending trailer from today’s The Wonderful ...

The full seven minute trailer introducing the Wonder Team is now available for watching.

Platinum Games says to expect something extra after the Nintendo ...

Platinum Games teases something more after today’s Nintendo Direct.

Kamiya says he’d love to work on Bayonetta 3 if the second ...

Hideki Kamiya says he’s up to create Bayonettta 3 if the second game in the series ends up being successful.

Kamiya confirms a Nintendo Direct for The Wonderful 101

Hideki Kamiya confirms a Nintendo Direct that will show off more of The Wonderful 101.

Kamiya wants to see a demo of The Wonderful 101 available

Kamiya wants to see a demo for The Wonderful 101 released.

Kamiya concerned over The Wonderful 101’s marketing effort

Hideki Kamiya is worried about the current level of marketing surrounding The Wonderful 101 and general lack of knowledge about the game.

Hideki Kamiya is sick of your Smash Bros. suggestions

Hideki Kamiya is sick of hearing from fans who want his characters in Smash Bros. games.

Hideki Kamiya says The Wonderful 101 is short, but that doesnR...

Developer Hideki Kamiya says games are about the fun and experience, not how long they last.