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How does Hyrule Warriors Legends 3DS compare to Wii U?

Here’s a comparison of Hyrule Warriors Legends on 3DS and Wii U and while the 3DS version is playable, there are some issues.

Nintendo UK fully details the season pass for Hyrule Warriors Leg...

The season pass content for Hyrule Warriors Legends has been fully revealed for both versions of the game.

Here’s the opening cinematic that introduces Linkle in Hyru...

Check out the cinematic that introduces Linkle, the newest character joining the roster of Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Toon Link is serious business in Hyrule Warriors Legends [VIDEO]

Toon Link takes no prisoners in the latest Hyrule Warriors Legends gameplay video.

Check out these Famitsu scans of Skull Kid in Hyrule Warriors

Skull Kid is coming to Hyrule Warriors after Hyrule Warriors Legends launches.

More info about Toon Link in Hyrule Warriors Legends

Toon Link is coming to Hyrule Warriors Legends and the Wii U version and now we know a bit more about his moves.

Toon Link playable in Hyrule Warriors Legends, coming to Wii U ve...

Toon Link will be a playable character in Hyrule Warriors Legends, but he’s coming to the Wii U version as well.