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Nikkei says June will be a test for Iwata

Prominent Japanese financial publication The Nikkei says the true test for Iwata will be this June.

Nintendo could offer flexible price points for loyal customers

Iwata announces Nintendo could begin to offer flexible price points for their loyal customers.

Iwata reaffirms that Nintendo is not leaving the console space

It's no secret that Nintendo is going through a transition. While Wii U sales were up during the holidays, they've plummeted since.

Iwata discusses Nintendo’s relationship with third party de...

Iwata discusses how Nintendo handles third party developers and that the company wants to build sustainable relationships rather than pay for exclusives.

Iwata says Nintendo doesn’t fear failure

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata talks of challenging the status quo, how failures make a stronger company, and the success of Japanese games in the...

Iwata says more key Wii U titles will be announced by third parti...

Iwata says more third-party titles are coming in the next few months, but he is not at liberty to discuss them.