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PS4 surpasses Wii U in lifetime sales in Japan

Worldwide, it’s a totally different picture.

Wii U sold less than 4,000 units in Japan last week

Splatoon and Super Mario Maker are still selling well.

Wii U sold just 4,500 units in Japan last week

And just one game on the top 10 list.

The Wii U is sold out all over Japan and Nintendo isn’t tal...

A new rumor suggests Nintendo is restricting Wii U stock in Japan to avoid unsold inventory, resulting in out of stock signs in numerous...

Wii U has four games in top 11 best selling games in Japan in Jan...

Despite slow hardware sales, the Wii U shows up on the software charts in Japan.

Wii U sold just 3,900 units in Japan last week

Wii U sales have sharply declined over the past few months.

Japan is getting a new Splatoon GamePad cover

Japan is getting a brand new GamePad cover with a bonus Squid Sisters cleaning cloth.

Watch Pikachu face off against Lucario in Pokken Tournament [VIDE...

Pokken Tournament debuted today in Japan and plenty of eager gamers are testing the waters of the Tekken and Pokemon crossover.

Splatoon sold nearly 150k copies in Japan the first four days

Japan is crazy for Splatoon, with 97% of its original shipment bought within the first four days of going on sale.

Check out this Xenoblade Wii U bundle Japan is getting

Japan is getting a special edition Xenoblade Chronicles X bundle that comes with a map and a unique artbook for the game.

Wii U was the fourth best selling console in Japan in 2014

And Nintendo is still the top publisher in the country.

Wii U has only 2 games coming out in Japan until March. PS4: 22

The Wii U is facing a game drought in Japan over the next few months.

Famitsu reveals handheld and console sales are at lowest point ev...

Famitsu reveals that sales in Japan for handheld and console games have reached the lowest point they’ve ever been.

Check out this amazing Super Smash Bros. Japanese commercial

The latest Japanese commercial for Super Smash Bros. focuses on the brand new Mii Fighters.

Hyrule Warriors moved only 57% of its first shipment in Japan

Hyrule Warriors sold just 57% of its stock on the first week of availability in Japan.

Nintendo embraces Luigi’s Death Stare in official Mario Kar...

Nintendo embraces the Luigi Death Stare in the latest Japanese commercial for Mario kart 8.