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The Wii U has crossed 3 million sold in Japan

With the holiday sales now behind us, the Wii U managed to cross the 3 million sold threshold in Japan.

The Wii U is still going strong in Japan after the holidays

The Wii U continues to have strong sales in Japan after the holiday season, thanks to its strong library of games.

Wii U sells 101k in Japan during Christmas week

The Wii U managed to sell 101k units during Christmas week, thanks to a strong software catalogue this year.

Nintendo on the rebound in Japan before Christmas with 80k Wii U ...

In the final week before Christmas, the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS are dominating sales charts in Japan.

Japanese sales: Wii U sells 9k and remains steady

Here’s a look at the Japanese hardware and software sales of last week, where the Wii U is still hanging strong thanks to Super...

Nintendo has huge market dominance in Japan

While Nintendo products may be struggling in the West, they’re still taking Japan by storm.

Japanese sales: Price cut puts PS4 on top this week, Super Mario ...

A look at Japanese sales this week shows PlayStation on top, but both Super Mario Maker and Splatoon are holding strong in the top...

Super Mario Maker doubles Wii U sales in Japan

Last week Super Mario Maker hit store shelves in Japan, causing Wii U sales to double.

Japanese sales: Nintendo claims top 5 spots this week

Nintendo has claimed the top five spots on the Japanese sales charts this week, thanks to Splatoon and strong Nintendo 3DS titles.

Splatoon and Nintendo 3DS dominate Japanese sales charts this wee...

No new software released this week in Japan, but Nintendo has dominated the charts with both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games.

Japanese sales: 3DS dominates this week, Splatoon still strong

Splatoon holds onto the top five despite stiff competition from several new 3DS games in Japan this week.

Splatoon still moving Wii U sales in Japan

This week’s Japanese sales charts are barren of new releases, but Fire Emblem and Splatoon continue to sell well.

Japanese sales: Fire Emblem Fates debuts at the top

Japanese sales this week are topped by the Fire Emblem Fates 3DS release, but Splatoon and Mario Kart 8 keep Wii U sales high.

Japanese sales: Splatoon puts the Wii U on top this week

Splatoon continues to dominate the charts in Japan, with over 150k sold since launch and Wii U sales rising.

Japan has worst week of gaming sales since 2001

This past week of game sales in Japan is the worst the industry has seen since 2001, despite following Golden Week.

Japanese sales: Wii U drops back to 6k sales

Sales of the Wii U in Japan have dropped back to their normal average after just two weeks from the Xenoblade Chronicles X release...

Japanese sales: Wii U has 5 games in top 20

No new software this week in Japan, but the Wii U has managed to keep five of its games in the top 20 software...