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Japanese Wii U sales surge thanks to Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X has been out in Japan for a week now, contributing to a strong sales week for the Wii U.

Japanese sales: Bravey Second launches in Japan, Wii U still stea...

Here’s the latest look at sales in Japan, where Bravely Second for 3DS has launched, while Wii U sales continue to remain steady ahead...

Japanese sales: Mario Kart 8 drops to 19, Wii U sales 6k

Mario Kart 8 drops to number nineteen on the charts this week as Wii U sales remain as steady as ever.

Japanese sales: Wii U sales remain steady despite PlayStation gro...

Wii U and Nintendo 3DS sales remain steady even with Xenoblade Chronicles 3D hitting store shelves last week.

Japanese sales: FF Type-0 HD keeps PlayStation on top

Japanese sales charts this week are dominated by PlayStation, but the 3DS and Wii U hold steady in their sales numbers.

Japanese sales: Mario Party 10 debuts at #5 in Japan

Mario Party 10 debuted at number five in Japan’s top software of the past week, but it was overshadowed by the release of Yakuza...

Japanese sales: Wii U sees slight rise as PS4 dethrones 3DS this ...

This week’s software charts in Japan are dominated by Dragon Quest Heroes on PlayStation and several Nintendo 3DS titles.

Japanese sales: Majora’s Mask 3D dethroned, Wii U sales at ...

Majora’s Mask 3D was dethroned as the top-selling software title and the Wii U continues to putter along at 6k sales.

Japanese sales: Wii U continues to hover at 6k sold

The Wii U continues to hover at 6k sold this week in Japan, but there are no new releases on the horizon.

Japanese sales: Kirby debuts in third place, Wii U sales 7k

Despite Kirby and the Rainbow Curse releasing last week in Japan, Wii U sales are continuing to decline back to average levels.

Japanese sales: Wii U sales falling while 3DS dominates

Wii U sales have dropped back to their pre-holiday levels in Japan, with just 8k sold this week.

Japanese sales: Pokemon still king, Wii U sells 12k

Sales in Japan this week are up in anticipation of the Super Smash Bros. release date on Saturday.

Japanese sales: Pokemon on top, Wii U sales still middling

Wii U sales have slumped a bit this week, but Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire top both first and second on the charts...

Japanese sales: 3DS continues to reign supreme

This week was pretty bare in Japan with only a handful of new releases, but Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate continues dominating.

Japanese sales: 3DS still dominating, Wii U continues to slide

This week in Japan the 3DS reasserts its dominance over both the hardware and software markets.

Japanese sales: New Nintendo 3DS & Monster Hunter dominate a...

The New Nintendo 3DS reigns supreme in Japan, along with Monster Hunter 4, Super Smash Bros., and Yokai Watch 2.