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Japanese Wii U sales plummet in the wake of no new games

With no new releases for the Wii U on the horizon, Japanese sales have plummeted compared to last week.

Wii U was the fourth best selling console in Japan in 2014

And Nintendo is still the top publisher in the country.

Japanese sales: Wii U outsells PlayStation 4 this week

The Wii U is the king of home consoles this week in Japan, outselling the PlayStation 4 by more than 10k.

Japanese sales: Smash Bros continues to dominate, Wii U sales sti...

This week a new Yokai Watch game was released in Japan, claiming the top spot, but Super Smash Bros. for Wii U continues to...

Japanese sales: Super Smash Bros takes top spot, Wii U sales surg...

Super Smash Bros. claims top spot in the software charts, while Wii U is the best-selling home console this week in Japan.

Wii U lifetime sales have hit 2 million in Japan

The Wii U has surpassed the 2 million sales mark in Japan before the very lucrative 2014 holiday shopping season.

Japanese sales: Monster Hunter still on top, Wii U sees small inc...

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate continues to dominate the top of the chart while the Wii U sees a small sales increase week over week.

Japanese sales: Smash 3DS still on top, Bayonetta 2 launches

Bayonetta 2 claims third spot during its launch week in Japan, with Smash 3DS still selling tons of copies.

Japanese Wii U sales: Wii U at 8k, Hyrule Warriors slips

Hyrule Warriors slips out of the top ten as Wii U sales remain steady at around 8k sold.

Japanese sales: Wii U moves 9k, Hyrule Warriors way down

Japanese sales from last week show Hyrule Warriors dropping rapidly, with Wii U sales returning to normal.

Japanese sales: Hyrule Warriors is a hit, Wii U sales up

Last week Hyrule Warriors launched in Japan and the Wii U saw a nice bump in sales to accompany it.

Japanese sales: Wii U sees small boost, 3DS dominates

Here’s a look at software and hardware sales for the past week in Japan, where the Wii U is on the rise.

Japanese sales: Nintendo reclaims the top five

Here’s a look at the software and hardware sales in Japan, where Yokai Watch continues to dominate.

Japanese sales: Wii U continues its upswing

Wii U sales are still up in Japan after the release of Mario Kart 8, though the long tail is kicking in.

Japanese sales – Wii U claims second spot after Mario Kart ...

Here’s a look at the first partial week of Mario Kart 8 sales in Japan, which claimed top spot.

Japanese sales – Child of Light makes the top ten, 3DS domi...

Child of Light performs well in Japan on PS3/PS4, while 3DS reclaims the top spot in terms of both hardware and software.

Japanese sales charts – Wii U steady as 3DS rises

Japanese hardware sales continue at a slow pace, though the Nintendo 3DS is up this week.