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Luigi’s Mansion released as arcade game in Japan

The game looks interesting, although not much is known about it as of yet.

Wear Luigi’s Mario Kart 8 death stare on your chest with pr...

While the viral status of Luigi’s Mario Kart 8 death stare video might be sizzling down a bit, you can let the memories on...

Nintendo posts Finding Luigi – Legend of Parkour video, it&...

New video from Nintendo highlights Luigi’s contributions to parkour and how he’s becoming a legend again.

New Super Luigi U review

The braver brother returns to flutter jump through the stages Mario thought too difficult. But is console Mario’s first DLC fun?

New Super Luigi U trailer from the Japanese Nintendo Direct

New Japanese trailer from today’s Nintendo Direct shows off more New Super Luigi U footage.

How Luigi got his moves back

A look back at the green brother’s journey from flutter-jumper to mario clone and back again.

Year of Luigi community now available on Miiverse

Nintendo releases a Year of Luigi community for fans to discuss the upcoming games featuring Luigi.

Miyamoto talks about the evolution of Luigi

Shigeru Miyamoto talks about how Luigi evolved as a character to appear in the new expansion New Super Luigi U.

First NSMBU DLC announced!

Luigi stars in his own massive DLC pack for NSMBU entitled New Super Luigi U.