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Was Nintendo’s E3 Digital Presentation THAT bad? [VIDEO]

Nintendo has been making headlines for their E3 presentation, but not in the way they would like. Do they deserve the hate?

Bowser Jr. & the Clown Copter might appear in Mario Maker

According to promotional materials from Best Buy to promote Mario Maker, Bowser Jr. and the Clown Copter could be making an appearance.

Direct Response: The fans spoke, Nintendo listened [VIDEO]

There was no fooling around during the Nintendo Direct on April 1st.

Mario Maker will have a dedicated sharing system, says developer

Mario Maker will ship with a dedicated way to share your courses with friends and the Mario Maker community.

Mario Maker producer wants to include more styles than just Mario

Mario Maker was introduced this past week at E3 as a game that would allow you to make the Mario platformer you’ve always wanted....

Mario Maker coming to Wii U in 2015 [VIDEO]

Mario Maker has been confirmed and its coming in 2015.

Nintendo unveiling Mario Maker at E3? [RUMOR]

Is Nintendo launching a do-it-yourself Mario game this year at E3?