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Get $15 off of Mario Party 10 at Amazon or Best Buy [DEAL]

Mario Party 10 is on sale this week at both Amazon and Best Buy, if you haven’t picked it up already.

Gold Mario amiibo offers special perk in Mario Party 10

Turns out the gold Mario amiibo isn’t just a recolored statue, the figure shows up as gold in games like Mario Party 10 as...

Mario Party 10 is the lowest rated first party Wii U game in year...

Mario Party 10 is the lowest rated Wii U game in years, and has been heavily criticized by gaming press.

Japanese sales: Mario Party 10 debuts at #5 in Japan

Mario Party 10 debuted at number five in Japan’s top software of the past week, but it was overshadowed by the release of Yakuza...

Video of 70+ Mario Party 10 mini games in action

An hour-long new Mario Party 10 video shows off pretty much every mini game.

Here’s the North American commercial for Mario Party 10

Check out the North American commercial for Mario Party 10, showcasing the all new Bowser mode.

Mario Party 10 looks like a lot of fun in new gameplay videos

New Mario Party 10 gameplay videos show lots of promise.

Japanese Mario Party 10 gives us a closer look at Bowser mode

This new Japanese trailer gives us a better look at Bowser mode for Mario Party 10, as well as amiibo party mode.

Mario Party series has sold almost 40 million copies

The longest running party game in history has raked in millions of sales.

Gold Mario amiibo is a Walmart exclusive

A banner in a Walmart gaming section is advertising the gold Mario amiibo as a Walmart exclusive item.

Several new amiibos are compatible with Mario Party 10

A new Japanese site for Mario Party 10 has launched, showcasing new compatibility with previously released amiibos.

Rumor: Mario Party 10 amiibo will be more plentiful than Smash am...

GameStop employee says Nintendo has confirmed the Mario Party series of amiibo won’t be so rare.

Amazon has the Mario Party 10 bundle back up for pre-order

The Mario Party 10 bundle featuring the Mario amiibo is now back up for pre-order at Amazon after selling out nearly instantly.

Kirby and Mario Party 10 will support pre-loading

Both Kirby and the Rainbow Curse and Mario Party 10 will support pre-loading for their digital release.

New Mario Party 10 trailer shows off amiibo functionality

The brand new amiibo party mode brings something entirely new to the game, with a recap of Bowser’s party crashing we saw from E3.

How should Nintendo utilize Amiibo figures outside of SSB and MK8...

Amiibo support has been announced for five upcoming Nintendo games, but how will those figures function in roster-less games?