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What do you want to see from the future of amiibo? [VIDEO]

With Nintendo’s amiibo figures showing no signs of slowing down, how would you like to see them used in the future?

Check out Mario’s official LinkedIn profile

Nintendo has always stood behind Mario and his professional plumbing skills, which is why he now has an official LinkedIn page.

Miyamoto wants to take Super Mario “in a new direction̶...

Legendary Nintendo developer thinks it’s time to move Mario into a new direction.

Miyamoto answers a few Mario myths with a startling revelation [V...

Mr. Miyamoto took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few burning questions about Mario myths.

Mario has been in the making for 30 years, how many of these fact...

Mario’s 30th anniversary is upon us, but just how much do you know about the little red plumber?

Nintendo reveals Mario 30th anniversary website

Nintendo opens a new site to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Mario, with a special Mario Maker tribute.

What if Sega owned Mario instead of Nintendo? [VIDEO]

Dorkly answers the question of what would happen to the Mario Bros. if Sega owned them instead of Nintendo.

New McDonald’s commercial features Mario & Bowser

McDonald’s newest commercial pits old archenemies against one another with surprising results.