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Latest 3DS update adds Miiverse and unified accounts for Wii U an...

Latest 3DS update adds Miiverse and unified Nintendo Network ID accounts for 3DS and Wii U.

Here’s something exciting for 3DS owners tomorrow [RUMOR]

The long awaited Miiverse update could just be a day away according to noted rumor leaker Emily Rogers.

Nintendo has updated Miiverse with a new look

Nintendo released an update today that changes the way Miiverse looks and the way some posts are displayed.

Nintendo buys stake in Dwango, a mobile content company

Nintendo has purchased a stake in a mobile content company, causing a jump in stock prices.

Nintendo 3DS Miiverse won’t have messages or friend request...

Nintendo Customer Service confirms no friend features will be present on the 3DS version of Miiverse.

Miiverse received a small update to allow nickname searches

A small change to Miiverse now allows users to search via nickname.

Nintendo Network maintenance has been extended for September 30th

Maintenance for September 30th will last nine hours instead of the standard four.

5 Ways Nintendo can improve Miiverse on the Wii U

We take a look at Miiverse and how it has evolved over the past year and what Nintendo can do to improve the service...

New Miiverse update makes it possible to post on friend’s f...

A new update for Miiverse allows users to post directly to their friend's feeds.

Miiverse smartphone apps coming “soon”

According to Nintendo, Miiverse will be getting dedicated smartphone apps "soon".

Nintendo opens Miiverse community for EarthBound announcements

Nintendo has launched a new EarthBound community for Miiverse.

Miiverse posts can now contain up to 200 characters

Nintendo has issued an update to the Miiverse that allows posts to contain up to 200 characters now.

New Miiverse update allows for Twitter and Facebook sharing

Nintendo has updated the Miiverse to allow for Twitter and Facebook sharing.

Miiverse for Wii U now accessible through browsers

The Miiverse is now accessible through both mobile and desktop browsers.

New Miiverse changes make communication quicker & easier [VI...

The Miiverse has received another quick update, this time adding features that many have requested.

Discussion: What would you like to see come to the Miiverse next?

Let's talk about the current set of Miiverse features and those you'd like to see come to the service in the future.

Upcoming Wii U Miiverse features revealed

New features include user generated "sub-communities", a tournament feature, and much more.