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Year of Luigi community now available on Miiverse

Nintendo releases a Year of Luigi community for fans to discuss the upcoming games featuring Luigi.

New Miiverse update makes filtering easier

A new update to the Miiverse makes filtering out unwanted posts much easier.

New Zelda community out now

Check out the brand new Zelda Miiverse community.

Nintendo makes several changes to the Miiverse

The Miiverse service has been updated with a few operation changes and changes to the code of conduct.

Awesome Wii U Miiverse drawings

We've collected some of the most awesome drawings found on Wii U's Miiverse.

Miiverse is going mobile soon

Nintendo plans on making Miiverse an open web-based service.

Want some Miis for that Miiverse of yours?

We've got a bunch of QR codes for all sorts of Miis.

Miiverse, Wii U Chat, and browser screenshots

A bunch of new screenshots from Nintendo of Japan show off Miiverse, Wii U Chat, the browser, and much more.

Nintendo explains Wii U’s online features in a new video

Nintendo's new 15 minute video goes in depth with some of Wii U's online features, including Miiverse and Nintendo Network.

First Wii U eShop details emerge

The eShop will offer free game demos, downloadable content, full game downloads, users reviews of games, and more.

Wii U Browser and Miiverse trailers

New Japanese trailers explain the details behind Miiverse and the Wii U Internet browser.

Wii U Mii plaza is called WaraWara Plaza

New video showcases the WaraWara Plaza, formerly known as "Mii Plaza", and we get a glimpse of Wii U video chat.

Nintendo: Miiverse is Wii U’s Killer App

Nintendo believes that Miiverse, Wii U's social network, is one of its most important aspects.

Reggie on Wii U friend codes, Miiverse, and more

When you start up the Wii U, first screen will present Miiverse and what your friends are doing.

Iwata compares Wii U’s Miiverse with Facebook for gamers

Miiverse social network could become the Facebook for video games, says Nintendo.

ZombiU reveals Wii U and Miiverse notification system

Notifications from other players will appear in upper right corner, it seems.

Nintendo might charge for Wii U online in the future

Nintendo may launch a premium Wii U online service in the future, while still giving access to free multiplayer to regular users.