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Miiverse posts can now contain up to 200 characters

Nintendo has issued an update to the Miiverse that allows posts to contain up to 200 characters now.

New Miiverse update allows for Twitter and Facebook sharing

Nintendo has updated the Miiverse to allow for Twitter and Facebook sharing.

Miiverse for Wii U now accessible through browsers

The Miiverse is now accessible through both mobile and desktop browsers.

New Miiverse changes make communication quicker & easier [VI...

The Miiverse has received another quick update, this time adding features that many have requested.

Discussion: What would you like to see come to the Miiverse next?

Let’s talk about the current set of Miiverse features and those you’d like to see come to the service in the future.

Upcoming Wii U Miiverse features revealed

New features include user generated “sub-communities”, a tournament feature, and much more.

Here’s the Miiverse app on an iPhone

Here’s what the Miiverse will look like once it goes mobile.

GDC: Miiverse headed to mobile by May, 3DS version still in the w...

Nintendo have announced that the Miiverse is headed to smartphones and browsers in May and a 3DS version is still in the works.

Year of Luigi community now available on Miiverse

Nintendo releases a Year of Luigi community for fans to discuss the upcoming games featuring Luigi.

New Miiverse update makes filtering easier

A new update to the Miiverse makes filtering out unwanted posts much easier.

New Zelda community out now

Check out the brand new Zelda Miiverse community.

Nintendo makes several changes to the Miiverse

The Miiverse service has been updated with a few operation changes and changes to the code of conduct.

Awesome Wii U Miiverse drawings

We’ve collected some of the most awesome drawings found on Wii U’s Miiverse.

Miiverse is going mobile soon

Nintendo plans on making Miiverse an open web-based service.

Want some Miis for that Miiverse of yours?

We’ve got a bunch of QR codes for all sorts of Miis.

Miiverse, Wii U Chat, and browser screenshots

A bunch of new screenshots from Nintendo of Japan show off Miiverse, Wii U Chat, the browser, and much more.

Nintendo explains Wii U’s online features in a new video

Nintendo’s new 15 minute video goes in depth with some of Wii U’s online features, including Miiverse and Nintendo Network.