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Nintendo’s Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing mobile apps will...

Nintendo’s next two mobile games will both be free-to-play when they’re released. They’ll be based on the Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing franchises.

Nintendo says mobile is one of its “pillars of profit”...

Investors are getting antsy about Nintendo’s mobile plans, which president Kimishima addressed during the recent Q&A session.

All of Nintendo’s forthcoming mobile apps will be free-to-p...

DeNA’s press conference discussing their upcoming plans with Nintendo reveals all upcoming apps will be free-to-play.

Nintendo will reveal their first mobile game tomorrow

Get ready for Nintendo’s mobile efforts, because the company is announcing their first game tomorrow.

Nintendo could reveal their mobile game as early as next week

Nintendo’s earnings call is next week with an investor Q&A after, so we could hear our first details about Nintendo’s mobile projects.

DeNA and Nintendo mobile game to be announced “soon”

DeNA CEO is hinting that the first of Nintendo’s mobile games could be announced very soon.

DeNA earnings report reveals Nintendo announcement “soon...

Mobile firm DeNA have just revealed their Q1 earnings, with a small byline regarding its partnership with Nintendo.

DeNA thinks it can completely change mobile gaming with Nintendo&...

DeNA’s CEO Shintaro Asako thinks his company’s partnership with Nintendo will revolutionize mobile gaming.

Redbull entertains Nintendo mobile games with mockups

Redbull has created a mashup of mobile games with Nintendo properties, but they probably shouldn’t have.

Nintendo reiterates that controls are why Mario isn’t mobil...

Producer Kensuke Tanabe says Nintendo makes games for their own hardware and mobile controls are too difficult to create for platformers.

Nintendo is developing a mobile app for smartphones

Nintendo apps are heading your way. The word ‘game’ was mentioned.

Nintendo denies it will be making smartphone games

Contrary to the rumors spread yesterday, Nintendo is not joining the mobile market.

Disney Infinity offers new ways to create on-the-go [VIDEO]

Disney Infinity comes to your mobile devices.

Here’s the Miiverse app on an iPhone

Here’s what the Miiverse will look like once it goes mobile.