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Monolith Soft’s senior director discusses why Xenoblade Chr...

Monolith Soft’s senior director discusses why Xenoblade Chronicles X has a custom playable character, rather than a defined character like Shulk.

Explore all five continents in Xenoblade Chronicles X [VIDEO]

Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming out in less than a week and this juicy chunk of gameplay showcases all five continents of Mira.

Monolith Soft is on a huge hiring push for Tokyo and Kyoto office...

The developer of the Xenoblade series has several new positions open for both offices, meaning their next big project could be getting underway.

Kotaku reviewer says 70 hours of Xenoblade Chronicles X is boring

Kotaku imported a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles X to review, with the reviewer describing 70 hours of gameplay as boring.

Monolith Soft reveals Xenoblade Chronicles X took a year and a ha...

Developer Monolith Soft has revealed that the story of Xenoblade Chronicles X took nearly a year and a half to write.

Here’s a sneak peek at an overclocked battle in Xenoblade C...

Nintendo of Japan has uploaded a quick battle preview to give us a taste of the revised combat system in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Xenoblade developer explains how the Wii U GamePad works

The executive producer of Xenoblade Chronicles X discusses the use of the GamePad for the game.

Xenoblade Chronicles X coming in 2015 [VIDEO]

Nintendo unveils Xenoblade Chronicles X, the sequel to the 2011 JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles.

More details on Monolith Soft’s X revealed in Nintedo Direc...

In today’s Nintendo Direct new information was revealed about Monolith Soft’s X.

Rumor: Is Monolith’s X project called Xenoform? [UPDATE]

More rumors and speculation surrounding Monolith’s new X project have been uncovered, including rumored gameplay details.

Nintendo News – Rune Factory 4, Fire Emblem & More

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