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NES Remix getting a retail release in North America

Nintendo of America announced the NES Remix retail bundle during its Comic-Con stream.

Japan is getting a retail release of NES Remix Vol. 1 & 2

Japanese Wii U gamers will be getting a physical NES Remix release featuring both volumes of titles.

NES Remix Vol. 2 is coming to Wii U on April 25

During Today’s Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata has revealed that a second volume of NES Remix is coming in April.

New update for NES Remix allows new controllers to be used

NES Remix title update now allows support for the Pro Controller and other controllers.

Is NES Remix worth the price? [VIDEO]

John Zaccari goes hands-on with NES Remix and decides if it’s worth the $15 price tag.

Nintendo announces NES Remix for Wii U

Link in Donkey Kong? Check out Nintendo’s crazy new take on some of their most beloved classics.