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The NES mini console has several display modes

Including a mode that simulates retro CRT screens.

Nintendo releases trailer for the NES Classic mini console

Plus a hands-on video from Comic Con.

More pics of the upcoming NES mini console

Just take our money, Nintendo.

Nintendo announces new console: the NES Classic Edition (seriousl...

A mini version of the NES with built-in 30 NES games.

Play your NES with any Bluetooth controller

A new adapter for the original Nintendo lets you control the system with any Bluetooth controller.

NES turns 30 years old in North America

The console that started it all turns 30 years old today.

GameStop exclusive NES-styled 3DS XL announced

The annual GameStop Expo featured an interesting presentation from Nintendo in which they announced a new, GameStop exclusive, NES-styled 3DS XL.

Would you pay $2,300 for a NES controller?

Check out this giant $2,300 NES controller you could put in your home.

Applying the Wii U NES decals on your Wii U [VIDEO]

An instructional video on how to apply the new NES decal stickers on your Wii U console.

Make your Wii U look like a NES

Now you can retro-fit your Wii U with an NES skin.

Retro Wii U controller concept

Graphic artist “gifteddeviant” made an awesome mockup of a retro Wii U controller that got our attention. Inspired