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The Wii U will soon be able to accept NFC payments

The Wii U will soon be able to take digital payments using its NFC chip in Japan.

Will Super Smash Bros. use the GamePad’s NFC chip?

A new interview from a French website says SSB uses the GamePad’s NFC chip. Would you buy figures to put inside the game?

Nintendo announces iconic NFC figures

At the recent financial briefing, Nintendo announced their next attempt at NFC for the Wii U and 3DS using familiar Nintendo faces.

Pokemon Rumble U will interact with Pokémon toys via NFC

Every Nintendo fan has predicted it, and it looks like this year it will become a reality — there will be a physical Pokémon...

Nintendo on Wii U hardware, games, and more

During the latest investor Q&A session, Nintendo speaks out on Wii U hardware, games, and much more.

Nintendo is working on NFC Wii U game

Nintendo is working on a Wii U game that will finally utilize the NFC technology.

Out of 50 Wii U launch titles, none support NFC tech

Developers are still figuring out how to use the new technology, says Nintendo.

Wii U costs Nintendo $180 to manufacture: Report

According to sources close to the manufacturing and assembly of the upcoming Wii U, it costs Nintendo an

Wii U controller to have NFC chip

As we’re getting closer to the full Wii U unveiling, Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata revealed to investors that the