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New Mario & Luigi: Dream Team commercial shows off black 3DS...

The commercial for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team has a special gem hidden inside.

Game Freak unveils Soritia Horse, new 3DS game

GameFreak unveils its new game for Nintendo 3DS in Japan, called Soritia Horse.

More Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds info released

Director of Product Marketing Bill Trinen sits down with IGN to discuss some of the finer points of A Link Between Worlds.

Nintendo 3DS could be getting Miiverse and Nintendo Network IDs t...

Emily Rogers has hinted that the firmware update bringing Miiverse and Nintendo Network ID to 3DS will be happening this fall.

New Nintendo Direct Mini shows off Wii U and 3DS news

A new Nintendo Direct mini is now live for your viewing pleasure, containing both Wii U and 3DS news.