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Getting a new Nintendo 3DS XL this weekend? You’ll need a m...

Just a friendly reminder that the new Nintendo 3DS XL uses microSD cards instead of standard SD cards, so you’ll need to purchase an...

A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL officially confirmed for North Ameri...

The A Link Between Worlds golden Nintendo 3DS XL bundle has finally been confirmed for North America.

New 3DS XL charging cradle coming to Club Nintendo

Nintendo has announced a new Nintendo 3DS XL charger will be available on Club Nintendo this Halloween.

Japan getting new orange and turquoise 3DS XL colors

Two new limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL colors have been announced for Japan, featuring colored buttons.

Amazon Japan sells out of Pokemon X & Y bundles in just nine...

3DS bundles for Pokemon X & Y sold out in just under nine hours for Amazon Japan.

Canada store flyer lists Black 3DS XL for North America

A black Nintendo 3DS XL advertisement has popped up in a Canadian retail flyer.