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Report: NX to be revealed this week

Says the mighty Wall Street Journal.

Nintendo NX to use cartridges, according to Wall Street Journal

Announcement to come before Tokyo Game Show.

Nintendo NX production delayed to 2017 to account for VR

Nintendo has altered their mass production schedule for the NX to account for VR, which means it won’t enter mass production until 2017.

Rumor: NX won’t use x86 CPU, could be using Nvidia Tegra

And it’ll be as powerful as an Xbox One.

GameStop CEO says “Wii U was disappointing to everybodyR...

GameStop’s CEO Paul Raines had some choice statements about both the Wii U and the Nintendo NX in a new interview.

Rumor: Nintendo might drop discs in favor of cartridges for NX

Macronix’s financial report suggests that Nintendo might be switching to cartridge-based games for the Nintendo NX.

Nintendo president confirms NX won’t be sold at a loss

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima says the NX won’t be sold at a loss and explains why the launch is missing the 2016 holiday season.

Nintendo NX launching March 2017, don’t expect any news at ...

Nintendo has confirmed the launch date of the Nintendo NX and has stated that it will not make an appearance at this year’s E3.

This is why the Nintendo NX has to succeed [EDITORIAL]

Here’s a look at NIntendo’s lifetime sales in both the handheld and console markets. This is why the Nintendo NX must succeed.

New NX rumors suggest mega launch line-up and more

In a new piece outlining some of the Nintendo NX development, Emily Rogers has confirmed several unannounced Wii U projects were moved over to...

More rumors suggest Wii U remasters for the Nintendo NX

Emily Rogers has been discussing Wii U ports again, this time with Zelda and Super Smash Bros. on the list of potential ports.