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Nintendo of America is soliciting feedback on their social media ...

Nintendo of America is seeking to improve their performance on social media by tailoring content to fans.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse confirmed at $39.99

Nintendo's official website updates the pricing of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse to show it will have a budget price.

Splatoon now has a dedicated Tumblr page

Nintendo of America has set up a Tumblr for Splatoon fans to follow development of the game.

Amiibo pre-orders for January and February are already sold out

Amiibo waves scheduled to be released next year have nearly sold out across several retailers, including Nintendo's own UK store.

Nintendo of America says sold out amiibo may return

Nintendo of America confirms that some sold out amiibo characters may return in the future, so breathe easy collectors.

Nintendo of America rep comments on amiibo scarcity

According to a Nintendo of America representative, amiibo will continue to be available and Nintendo is not stopping production of any model.

Nintendo details holiday mall plans across America

Nintendo will be expanding its marketing efforts across 16 malls this holiday season with playable Wii U and 3DS games at all.

Nintendo of America announces a Treehouse stream on Twitch

Nintendo of America has announced there will be a Treehouse livestream on September 12.

Reggie and Nintendo of America tackle the Ice Bucket Challenge

Reggie has delivered on his ice bucket challenge, bringing several members of the Nintendo of America team along with him.

Dan Adelman has departed from Nintendo of America

Dan Adelman has announced that he is leaving Nintendo of America.

NES Remix getting a retail release in North America

Nintendo of America announced the NES Remix retail bundle during its Comic-Con stream.

Nintendo announcing new Super Smash Bros. character Monday

Nintendo of America has announced it will stream the character unveiling on Monday.

Nintendo wants Wii U to be the console devs want to publish on

Vice president of marketing Scott Moffitt says Nintendo is confident Wii U is a platform developers want to publish their games on.

Nintendo discussing cross-buy internally, nothing official yet

Dan Adelman talks about cross-buy on Nintendo platforms, stating the company is considering it but nothing is official.

Nintendo has no plans for a Wii U Ambassador program

Nintendo of America has confirmed that there will be no Ambassador program for Wii U early adopters.

Nintendo explains why it is still a hardware company

Nintendo of America's Charlie Scibetta explains why Nintendo is still a hardware company.

Nintendo promises to discuss Smash Bros, 3D Mario & Mario Ka...

Nintendo of America reassures fans that we'll see more info on Smash Bros, Mario Kart and the new 3D Mario game before E3 in...