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Gamergate now targeting a Nintendo of America employee

Gamergate has enlisted the help of an anti-sex trafficking organization to smear a Nintendo of America employee.

Nintendo of America wants your opinion on their social media pres...

Nintendo of America wants to know how well they’re doing with their social media presence, but there are a few wonky questions.

Nintendo of America posts job listing for mobile game developer

Nintendo of America’s latest job listing is for a mobile software engineer. Will we be seeing mobile games from Nintendo of America soon?

NoA VP Scott Moffitt comments on the fan feedback to Metroid Prim...

Scott Moffitt discusses the fan feedback Nintendo has received on Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

Bowser is Nintendo of America’s new VP of sales

Nintendo of America has hired a new Vice President of sales, bringing Doug Bowser into the fold.

Nintendo issues statement about amiibo availability

Nintendo of America says it is working as hard as it can to ensure there are adequate stock of amiibo for both old and...

Nintendo of America holding Splatoon art contest

Nintendo of America is holding a Splatoon art contest on Tumblr, with a Wii U and several copies of the game to give away!

Nintendo of America is soliciting feedback on their social media ...

Nintendo of America is seeking to improve their performance on social media by tailoring content to fans.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse confirmed at $39.99

Nintendo’s official website updates the pricing of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse to show it will have a budget price.

Splatoon now has a dedicated Tumblr page

Nintendo of America has set up a Tumblr for Splatoon fans to follow development of the game.

Amiibo pre-orders for January and February are already sold out

Amiibo waves scheduled to be released next year have nearly sold out across several retailers, including Nintendo’s own UK store.

Nintendo of America says sold out amiibo may return

Nintendo of America confirms that some sold out amiibo characters may return in the future, so breathe easy collectors.

Nintendo of America rep comments on amiibo scarcity

According to a Nintendo of America representative, amiibo will continue to be available and Nintendo is not stopping production of any model.

Nintendo details holiday mall plans across America

Nintendo will be expanding its marketing efforts across 16 malls this holiday season with playable Wii U and 3DS games at all.

Nintendo of America announces a Treehouse stream on Twitch

Nintendo of America has announced there will be a Treehouse livestream on September 12.

Reggie and Nintendo of America tackle the Ice Bucket Challenge

Reggie has delivered on his ice bucket challenge, bringing several members of the Nintendo of America team along with him.

Dan Adelman has departed from Nintendo of America

Dan Adelman has announced that he is leaving Nintendo of America.