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Nintendo of Japan is discontinuing the Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle

Nintendo of Japan is ditching its Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle in favor of one with Super Mario Maker.

New Smash update fixes Mewtwo’s bugs

Mewtwo’s debut was not without several bugs, thankfully Nintendo of Japan has released a patch today to fix them.

English subbed version of Japanese Xenoblade presentation now onl...

An English subbed version of the Japanese Xenoblade Chronicles X presentation is now online, fully translated.

Nintendo explains why making amiibo is hard and shortages arise

Nintendo of Japan says the amiibo supply chain is months of production because some figures are crafted by hand due to their complexity.

Japan getting rare amiibo restock, will the West as well?

According to an announcement from Nintendo Japan, it looks like certain amiibos will be reprinted to meet consumer demand.

Japan is getting a new Xenoblade Chronicles X presentation

Nintendo of Japan is giving a presentation about the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X this Friday.

Another Fatal Frame Japanese stream coming soon

Nintendo of Japan will be hosting another Fatal Frame livestream for Japan this week.