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New 15 year-old patent shows the phone that Nintendo never made

A patent from 2001 showcases a phone concept Nintendo considered but ultimately never came to life.

New Nintendo patent reveals weird, U-shaped controller

Is this the weirdest Nintendo controller ever?

Nintendo’s supplemental computing device patent is cleared

Nintendo’s supplemental computing device patent is just a hair’s breadth away from being granted.

Nintendo has filed a patent for an object detection device

Nintendo filed a patent for an object detection device back in 2014. The details for the patent just went live.

New Nintendo patent surfaces with freeform display

A new patent from Nintendo showcases what looks like a controller with a freeform screen.

Another Nintendo patent features a linear image sensor

Another Nintendo patent has surfaced, this time for an image sensor that seems built into a generic controller.

Nintendo files controller patent with scroll-wheel shoulder butto...

A new patent filed by Nintendo appears to show a controller with rotary shoulder buttons that function similarly to a mouse wheel.

Nintendo to unveil new hardware at E3 this year? [RUMOR][UPDATE]

According to several unconfirmed sources at IGN and MCV, Nintendo could potentially reveal new hardware at E3.

Nintendo patent shows device with interchangeable controls

A new Nintendo patent has surfaced that shows a device with modules for interchangeable controls.