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Nintendo stock sees big decline after E3 presentation

After Tuesday’s Digital Event, Nintendo’s stock has been in decline.

Nintendo’s stock is the highest it’s been in four yea...

Nintendo’s stock is continuing to climb in the wake of the mobile announcement, reaching its highest point in three years.

Nintendo stock up 29% thanks to the mobile announcement

Shortly after Nintendo’s announcement of delving into mobile gaming, its stock rose 29% and is still climbing.

Nintendo stock has stabilized after last week’s announcemen...

After last week’s announcements and the huge stock hit, it looks like Nintendo stock is recovering well.

Nintendo stock drops 7.3% after exclusion from Nikkei

Nintendo stock is on a sharp decline after exclusion from the Nikkei 225, Japan’s equivalent of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Nintendo stock up 4%, highest since July 2011

Nintendo’s stock is on the rise, with a 4% increase that can be attributed to multiple factors.