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Nintendo pulls the plug on Wii U TVii service on August 11

No more channel surfing on the Wii U.

Nintendo pulls the plug on European Wii U TVii service

Nintendo gives up on bringing the TVii service to Europe due to complex TV and cable structure.

Nintendo TVii receives a long awaited update

Nintendo has issued an update for Nintendo TVii, bringing easier access to sports and quicker load times.

Nintendo finally issues apology for lack of TVii in Europe

Nintendo has finally issued a public apology to Europeans for the lack of TVii in 2013.

What’s next for Nintendo TVii? [OPINION]

Support for all of the Wii U’s features is critical for continued success globally.

Netflix now on Nintendo TVii

Nintendo have announced that Netflix is finally available on Nintendo TVii.

Nintendo TVii coming to Europe “as soon as possible”

Nintendo is working to bring the Nintendo TVii service to Europe as soon as possible.

Cant find your favorite show on TVii? Try this! [VIDEO]

Some people have had trouble adding their favorite TV shows, but we’ve got a workaround!

Nintendo TVii Review

From gaming console to complete home entertainment solution, Nintendo’s future could rely on the success of TVii

Nintendo TVii is finally here: what do you think?

The long-awaited all-in-one entertainment solution from Nintendo is here… have you tried it?

“Reggie Asks” about Nintendo TVii

Nintendo celebrates the release of Nintendo TVii with an episode of “Reggie Asks”

The Hollywood Reporter Interviews Nintendo Exec Scott Moffitt on ...

As we reported earlier today Nintendo will release TVii tomorrow and The Hollywood Reporter gets the opportunity to

Nintendo TVii goes live tomorrow in North America

Nintendo has announced that its highly anticipated NintendoTVii feature will go live tomorrow in North America.

Nintendo TVii and Wii U Chat TV ad

New TV commercial shows off Wii U chat and Nintendo TVii.

Japan getting Wii U’s Nintendo TVii at launch

While others will have to wait, Japanese Wii U owners will be getting the new media app from the get go.

Nintendo TVii coming to select European countries in 2013

Nintendo confirms the new Wii U video service for select European regions in 2013.

Nintendo TVii coming to Wii U in December

Wii U’s television feature officially launches this December in North America.