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Robbers raid Nintendo truck and steal games

“Thousands of pounds” worth of Nintendo games stolen.

Watch this guy attempt the Body is Ready course in Super Mario Ma...

Curious just how devious the courses in Super Mario Maker can be? Watch this guy try to complete the Body is Ready course.

Nintendo UK will be streaming Super Mario Maker tomorrow

Nintendo UK will be streaming Super Mario Maker and the new Animal Crossing 3DS game tomorrow on their Twitch channel.

Splatoon takes over Adrenaline Alley skatepark

Nintendo has transformed a skatepark in the United Kingdom to have special Splatoon colors and kiosks to play the game.

Nintendo UK looking for new PR firm

Nintendo is looking for a fresh start with new marketing firm in the UK

Check out the UK advertisement for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Captain Toad will be treasure tracking across the UK come January 2nd, here’s Nintendo’s commercial for the game.

Amiibo pre-orders for January and February are already sold out

Amiibo waves scheduled to be released next year have nearly sold out across several retailers, including Nintendo’s own UK store.

Nintendo releases handy infographic for showing Wii U exclusives

Are you tired of hearing others say the Wii U has no games? Nintendo is, too. That’s why they’ve made this infographic.

A fire has been reported at one of Nintendo UK’s repair war...

A warehouse housing customer repair units in the UK has suffered a serious fire. Nintendo has vowed to help any customers affected.

Nintendo UK store offering keychain with Captain Toad pre-orders

Nintendo fans in the UK will get a special keychain for pre-ordering Captain Toad from the Nintendo UK store.

Nintendo UK says Wii U sales are up 60% in the region

Marketing executive Shelly Pearce says the Wii U is doing well in the UK compared to the tepid reception at launch.

Nintendo falls off the charts for the second week in the UK

Here’s a look at the top 40 games in Britain this week, where Nintendo hasn’t cracked the list for the second week running.

UK getting three new Wii U bundles

Nintendo has announced three new Wii U bundles to be released in the UK in November.

Nintendo meeting with UK retailers after price cuts

One retailer says “They’ve got to do something otherwise it is GameCube all over again”

Another UK retailer slashes Wii U price

The Wii U Deluxe set goes from £299 to just £225 at one UK retailer.

UK retailer slashes Wii U price

Basic Wii U set slashed from £249 to just £199 at UK retailer.

Nintendo working to fix 18+ Wii U eShop restriction

Nintendo is looking to fix the Wii U eShop restriction where 18+ rated games can only be purchased during the night.