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Wii U indie games on sale in UK

More Wii U indie games go on sale in the UK.

Wii U sells out on launch day in UK, 40k units sold

The Wii U has completely sold out in the UK, and will be in tight supply until the New Year.

Complete list of Wii U eShop content for the UK

The full and complete list of all the Wii U eShop content available in the UK at launch, including their prices.

Wii U UK launch photos

The first official photos from the Wii U launch in London, where hundreds waited in line for a console.

Wii U launches in Europe

The Wii U launches in its second territory today, as gamers across Europe get the new Nintendo console.

People are lining up for Wii U launch in London

The European Wii U launch is just a few days away, and some have lined up for a midnight launch event in London.

Wii U to be in shortage in the UK

Nintendo confirms that Wii U supplies in the UK will be “tight” on launch day.

Wii U pre-orders are “exceeding expectations” at Game...

Pre-orders are doing well in the UK, with the Deluxe model being the most popular so far.

Wii U showcase tour coming to UK

UK gamers will get a chance to play the Wii U at events over the next several months.

UK retailers expect Wii U price at £250

UK stores expect Nintendo to price the Wii U at 250 GBP, but they acknowledge that a much lower price would be better in...

Wii U launch to be better than 3DS

The Wii U launch lineup and content will be much better than 3DS, Nintendo says.

More third party Wii U games to be announced

By now we know that there are a lot of Wii U games in development at third party