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The Smash community is trolling in preparation for tomorrow’...

The Smash community is trying its best to out-troll one another before tomorrow's Smash Direct.

Here’s the opening cinematic that introduces Linkle in Hyru...

Check out the cinematic that introduces Linkle, the newest character joining the roster of Hyrule Warriors Legends.

ESRB rating spotted for Super Mario Galaxy on Wii U

A new listing on the ESRB website seems to confirm that Super Mario Galaxy is coming to Wii U.

Nintendo is working on a free-to-play amiibo game [RUMOR]

A free-to-play game for owners of a lot of amiibo is currently under development, according to rumors.

Microsoft says there’s a “lot of demand for a Minecra...

People want their Minecraft Amiibos...

Fast Racing Neo performance analysis shows steady 60fps at the co...

Despite lower resolution, the game's visuals manage to impress.

Want Rare Replay games on Wii U? Just ask Rare, says Microsoft

Microsoft is open to bringing Rare Replay and its 30 games to the Wii U.

Shovel Knight Amiibo Wii U footage

Check out the new Shovel Knight Amiibo update in action.

New weapon headed to Splatoon tonight, plus new Splatfest

Get a new weapon tonight in Splatoon and get ready for the next Splatfest, because you're choosing Naughty or Nice!

Nintendo planning Wii U network maintenance on Monday & Tues...

Nintendo is having extended maintenance on Monday and Tuesday, likely in preparation for the Smash Direct.

The Nintendo Minute picks their Best of the 2015 [VIDEO]

The Nintendo Minute team has concluded their Best of Picks for 2015, so check out what was chosen!

New Miiverse update allows you to set a title for discussion post...

Miiverse got a tiny update today that allows you to title your discussions for easy searching.

New Nintendo patent surfaces with freeform display

A new patent from Nintendo showcases what looks like a controller with a freeform screen.

eShop Downloads: Fast Racing NEO, Steamworld Heist & more

New releases this week include Fast Racing NEO and Steamworld Heist, so be sure to check them out!

Sceptile has been revealed for Pokken Tournament [VIDEO]

Sceptile has been officially revealed for Pokken Tournament, along with Farfetch'd as a support. No sign of Electrode, though!

Nintendo releases Xenoblade Chronicles X music videos with compos...

Nintendo has released two new tracks from the Xenoblade Chronicles X soundtrack, with commentary from the composer.