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Check out the top-selling amiibo ranked by region

Nintendo has given us a break down of how well individual amiibos sold according to their region. Some definite surprises here!

Nintendo president admits he’s unsure about the Quality of ...

Nintendo’s new president doesn’t seem too confident in Nintendo’s Quality of Life efforts after his latest statements to investors.

Nintendo outlines Miitomo launch and its new rewards program

Nintendo has outlined their plans for the Miitomo launch, which includes special bonuses for those who preregister.

Nintendo mentions looking into VR during their financial report

Nintendo briefly mentioned virtual reality during their financial briefing today, but don’t hold your breath waiting for Virtual Boy 2.

Nintendo’s next mobile game said to feature an iconic IP

Nintendo’s new president says Nintendo’s next mobile game after Miitomo will feature an iconic IP.

Nintendo has 9 titles that have sold over 1 million copies

Nintendo had nine games this year that achieved over 1 million sales and some on the list will surprise you.

Nintendo has sold 12.6 million Wii U, 20.5 million amiibo

The Wii U has managed to sell just shy of 13 million units during its lifetime so far, while amiibo continue to sell like...

The Legend of Zelda Wii U listed as a 2016 release

The Legend of Zelda for Wii U is back to having a 2016 release date after being listed as TBC in the last quarterly...

Chandelure is Pokken Tournament’s next fighter [VIDEO]

Watch Chandelure kick some pokemon butt in this latest Pokken Tournament trailer.

The re-opening of the Nintendo Store in New York is going to be h...

Nintendo has announced the re-opening of the Nintendo World Store in New York with a special event on February 19.

More Splatoon Amiibos may be on the way, according to game files

Squid Sisters Amiibos might be coming next.

Bayonetta and Corrin coming to Super Smash Bros on Feb 3

Nintendo brings two new characters to the fighting game next week.

Aonuma still not sure about having Link speak in Zelda games

Zelda producer says Link’s silence is part of the “individuality of his character”.

Side by side comparison of Zelda Twilight Princess (video)

The Wii U version looks noticeably better.

Shadow Puppeteer will tear your mind in two [VIDEO]

The left and right sides of your brain must rally together if you want to conquer this platformer.

Nintendo releases story trailer for Twilight Princess HD [VIDEO]

Check out the new story trailer for Twilight Princess HD, in case you missed this game on Nintendo’s previous two consoles.

Jigglypuff amiibo is no longer a Target exclusive in North Americ...

Jigglypuff amiibo is showing up in GameStop’s system as a new arrival, did Target lose their exclusivity?