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Check out the Heavy Splatling Deco tonight in Splatoon

Splatoon players will be able to get their hands on a new splatling gun style tonight!

You can now own that amazing Yooka-Laylee concept art

Remember that gorgeous piece of Yooka-Laylee concept art? Well, now you can own a limited edition print of it.

Nintendo eShop: Yo-Kai Watch finally hits America & more

Yo-Kai Watch is releasing tomorrow, but don't forget about Rodea and the Sky Soldier on Wii U!

New Super Mario Maker update has new secret surprise [VIDEO]

The new update to Super Mario Maker came with some hidden surprises as well.

Japanese sales: Wii U sells 9k and remains steady

Here's a look at the Japanese hardware and software sales of last week, where the Wii U is still hanging strong thanks to Super...

Panga has created a Super Mario Maker level that took 20,000 atte...

Panga is back with another nearly impossible Super Mario Maker level that will blow your mind.

Nintendo offering 20% off Splatoon to those who played the Testfi...

Nintendo is offering 20% off of Splatoon on the Nintendo eShop to those who participated in the Global Testfire event.

Nintendo still committed to innovation in new markets, including ...

Nintendo's Q&A with investors revealed it plans to tackle the mobile market with innovations that attract new demographics not reached with traditional games.

Nintendo showcases another secret character in Mario Tennis: Ultr...

Nintendo is showing off another unlockable character from Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash!

Gnat Attack getting hard mode in Super Mario Maker update

New update for Super Mario Maker brings hard mode to Gnat Attack with additional costume rewards.

Nintendo says Miitomo’s delay will not affect its fiscal pe...

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima says Miitomo's delay will not affect Nintendo's fiscal performance for this year.

Check out the launch trailer for Snoopy’s Grand Adventure [...

The Peanuts Movie game tie-in, Snoopy's Grand Adventure is out now for Wii U and other platforms.

Nintendo has unveiled a new teaser site for Star Fox Zero

Star Fox Zero has been delayed until next year, but Nintendo is releasing a teaser site to get you pumped for the upcoming game.

Xenoblade Chronicles X was chosen as the best RPG at Paris Games ...

Xenoblade Chronicles X snagged the best RPG award from Paris Games Week 2015.

New Pokken Tournament trailer reveals Shadow Mewtwo [VIDEO]

A new Pokken Tournament trailer has been released, revealing a new character at the end to be a new form of Mewtwo.

ZombiU’s servers have resurrected after months of being off...

ZombiU's servers have been offline for months now, but thanks to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release, they've been resurrected.

Best Buy offering $10 ePizza Cash with Xenoblade Chronicles X pre...

Best Buy is offering $10 toward pizza if you pre-order Xenoblade Chronicles X with them.