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New Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow, with no new NX news

Nintendo has announced that a new Nintendo Direct will air tomorrow and has specifically stated there will be no NX or mobile news.

Check out these wicked Pokken Tournament combos [VIDEO]

Pokken Tournament’s release date is soon and Nintendo UK is teasing us with these combo videos.

Twilight Princess HD has a Zelda Wii U easter egg hidden

Twilight Princess HD releases in just a few days with a Zelda Wii U easter egg hidden inside.

New rumor suggests the Nintendo NX has similar specs to the Xbox ...

It will also feature wireless HDMI and looks like “Samsung and the Nintendo 2DS had a baby”.

Ex-Retro Studios developer bringing arcade shooter Star Ghost to ...

New arcade shooter is a Wii U exclusive and launches next month.

Nintendo of America announces several new Nintendo Select titles ...

Nintendo of America has confirmed a wide variety of games will get Select branding and a $20 price tag.

Wii U has four games in top 11 best selling games in Japan in Jan...

Despite slow hardware sales, the Wii U shows up on the software charts in Japan.

Nintendo cuts earnings forecast for 2016 on slow hardware sales

But the company expects to sell more Wii U games.

Source who leaked the new Pokemon game says NX launches in 2016

Just announce the damn console already, Nintendo.

Twilight Princess retrospective Episode 2 looks at the characters...

Find out the story behind Link turning into a wolf.

Indie title Planet Diver is coming to Wii U

Get ready for interstellar wing suit diving.

Here’s how the new Ghost Lantern item in Twilight Princess ...

Twilight Princess HD will have a brand new item to help you hunt down Poes.

Minecraft was a big hit on Wii U in January in Japan, according t...

Minecraft was by far the best selling title on the eShop, according to Famitsu’s estimates.

Nintendo looks back at the original Zelda Twilight Princess (vide...

Twilight Princess creators look back at the game and the amazing E3 2004 trailer.

Wii U sold just 3,900 units in Japan last week

Wii U sales have sharply declined over the past few months.

Check out the first two hours of Twilight Princess HD on Wii U

This video should be enough to convince you to get the game. Or not.