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Wii U Daily’s Find a Wii U Friend Sunday

Find new friends and someone to play with in our new weekly series.

You can get the Super Mario Maker booklet even if you buy the gam...

It's little things like this that make Nintendo awesome.

30 of the coolest Zelda GIFs ever

While we wait for Zelda on the Wii U, enjoy these 30 awesome and cool Zelda GIFs.

Man spends 2 years building massive LEGO version of Zelda’s...

This is one of the most impressive LEGO creations we've ever seen.

Gears of War creator blasts Nintendo over firing employee

Cliff Bleszinksi shared his thoughts on Nintendo firing an employee over a podcast appearance, stating he'd never want to work for the company.

Nintendo UK giving away Devil’s Third t-shirts with pre-ord...

If you live in the UK and want to get your hands on Devil's Third, you can get a great shirt by pre-ordering.

Tower Control speed test in Splatoon, go faster with more Inkling...

How important is it to have your team help moving the tower in Tower Control? Check out this speed test to see.

MercurySteam could be working on a Metroid Wii U prototype [RUMOR...

Spanish studio MercurySteam started work on an unsolicited Metroid pitch earlier this year, according to rumors.

Wii U software sales up 10% thanks to Splatoon

The Wii U's software sales are up 10% compared to last year thanks to the launch of Splatoon.

Nintendo eShop: Wind-Up Knight 2 and Pandora’s Tower

Wind-Up Knight 2 and Pandora's Tower make up the major releases for this week's Nintendo eShop downloads.

Nintendo fires employee who made localization comments last week

Nintendo has fired the Treehouse employee who appeared on a podcast last week.

Woah Dave! finally coming to Wii U on August 20

If you enjoyed Woah Dave on the Nintendo 3DS, good news! It's coming to Wii U!

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer gushes about Nintendo’s firs...

Microsoft's Phil Spencer had some interesting things to say about Nintendo in a recent interview.

Splatoon getting new Rainmaker ranked battle mode

Splatoon is finally getting the Rainmaker ranked battle mode first teased in May before the game's release.

Content unlocks in Super Mario Maker content the more you play

You'll unlock content at a steady pace when Super Mario Maker launches in September, rather than having everything available at once.

You can create custom sound effects in Super Mario Maker

Nintendo has revealed you'll be able to create custom sound effects in Super Mario Maker!

First look at Devil’s Third multiplayer matches [VIDEO]

Devil's Third has been in out Japan for a week now. Check out some of the multiplayer videos Japanese players have uploaded.