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The Wolf Link amiibo will be compatible with Hyrule Warriors

Nintendo has finally detailed the amiibo support for Twilight Princess HD, while confirming the Wolf Link amiibo will work with Hyrule Warriors.

Zack and Wiki is headed to the Wii U virtual console tomorrow

Heads up adventure game fans! If you missed Zack and Wiki on the Wii, now’s your chance to get it on Wii U.

Xenoblade Chronicles X online down briefly today, more maintenanc...

Xenoblade Chronicles X will be offline briefly today for maintenance and another regular maintenance period has been scheduled for Wednesday.

Twilight Princess HD Wolf Link amiibo dungeon has 40 levels

More information from those Famitsu scans has been revealed, including the Wolf Link amiibo dungeon having 40 levels of content.

More Nintendo NX rumors suggest 4K video support and 900p resolut...

The Nintendo NX rumor mill is in full swing this morning, with a supposed survey from GFK, a market research firm.

Rumor: The Nintendo NX may interface with smartphones & the ...

A new rumor has surfaced that says Nintendo is creating the NX to interface with smartphones, and possibly competitors like the PS4.

New details about Twilight Princess HD’s amiibo support det...

Translations of the Famitsu scans released a few days ago reveal new information about amiibo support in Twilight Princess HD.

Yet another maintenance period for Wii U and 3DS

Oh goody, more maintenance for Splatoon and other services. And it’s happening during prime-time for the West coast. Good job, Nintendo.

New Splatoon update coming with several map changes

A new update is on the way for Splatoon, bringing several changes to the new maps added over the past few months.

ESPN will broadcast Smash as part of its eSports initiative

ESPN has announced it is getting into eSports with several different games, including Super Smash Bros.

Digital-only version of Twilight Princess HD now up on Amazon

The digital version of Twilight Princess HD has just gone up on Amazon for pre-order, starting at $10 less than the physical version which...

Minecraft: Story Mode is coming to Wii U next week

Minecraft: Story Mode episode one is coming to the Wii U this week, with the option to purchase a full season pass.

More downtime for Nintendo eShop and services due to maintenance

Nintendo is having an extended maintenance period for its online services tonight, making several games unavailable.

What’s up with these amiibo behind President Obama?

President Obama was interviewed by some of YouTube’s best content creators and Nintendo’s amiibo make an appearance.

Nintendo boss Kimishima outlines business plans for 2016

Nintendo’s new president Tatsumi Kimishima has outlined some of his business plans for the Big N in a Japanese newspaper.

Splatoon getting its last weapon update today

Nintendo of America has announced that Splatoon is getting its final weapon in the game today, the Custom Hydra Splatling.

Pokken Tournament is launching worldwide on March 18

Pokken Tournament is releasing worldwide on the same day, March 18.