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Discussion: Would you rather buy your games digitally?

If games went digitally only, would you be okay with purchasing directly from Nintendo?

CNN: 3 things Nintendo must do for Wii U

CNN says that Nintendo needs to cut the Wii U price, update the firmware, and speed up game development.

Iwata could step down if sales for Nintendo don’t pick up

A grim future could be in store for Satoru Iwata if Nintendo sales don't pick up over the next fiscal year.

Lego City: Undercover would lose something on other platforms acc...

Producer Loz Doyle talks about why Lego City: Undercover is a Wii U platform exclusive.

The history of Nintendo in one awesome video

A fan's homage to Nintendo, from the Game & Watch to the Wii U.

New trailer for Lego City: Undercover for Wii U

A new trailer for Lego City: Undercover is now available from Nintendo.

Nintendo details update plans for the Wii U

Update schedule for the Wii U has been detailed by Satoru Iwata.

Rumor: Nintendo to remove office restriction for indie developers

Nintendo could be planning to alter its policies when it comes to offering development kits to indie developers.

Nintendo taking the Wii U to Sundance

Nintendo presence at Sundance will include films about the Wii U and the chance to play unreleased games.

Nintendo will merge handheld and console divisions next month

Mergers between divisions suggest Nintendo's plans for consoles and handhelds will align in the future.

Here’s what a Pokemon game on Wii U could look like

An artist's rendition of a Pokemon Center in UDK gives Pokemon fans hope yet for a console version.

Club Nintendo has the golden nunchuk back in stock

Grab your golden nunchuk with your Club Nintendo points before it's gone again.

Kid gets Wii U for Christmas, freaks out

Seems like with every Christmas, Nintendo never fails at causing kids to lose their minds.

Nintendo Land review

Here is our full review of Nintendo Land for Wii U, Nintendo's latest party game.

Nintendo: update the Wii U system before giving it as Xmas gift

Nintendo advises to open the Wii U and run the system update before giving the console as a gift.

Super Mario Bros. voted 6th Worst Movie of All Time

According to a Rifftrax survey, Super Mario Bros. is one of the worst films ever made.

“Reggie Asks” about Nintendo TVii

Nintendo celebrates the release of Nintendo TVii with an episode of "Reggie Asks"