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Zero loses his 56 tournament winning streak in Super Smash Bros. ...

An impressive 56 tournament win streak was ended at MLG 2015 this past weekend.

NES turns 30 years old in North America

The console that started it all turns 30 years old today.

New rumors suggest Nintendo NX is very powerful

The NX tech demo looked so good that it was “impossible to run on a computer without ‘cutting-edge’ chips”

Yoshi’s Woolly World: too cute to miss! [VIDEO]

Yoshi’s Woolly World’s level of cuteness must be experienced to be believed.

Wii U game deals include Splatoon, Super Smash Bros, and more

Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy have a bunch of great deals on Wii U games right now.

Splatoon gets new Rapid Blaster Pro weapon

Splatoon gets another cool new weapon.

Yoshi’s Woolly World gets North American launch trailer

Nintendo celebrates Yoshi’s Woolly World North American launch with a new trailer.

NX dev kits suggest it will be more powerful than the PS4 & ...

Rumors have been flying that the Nintendo NX SDK sent to developers is more powerful than the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4.

Fatal Frame on Wii U will have Zelda and Samus costumes [VIDEO]

Zelda and Zero-Suit Samus make an appearance as costume options in the upcoming Fatal Frame game.

Nintendo has begun distributing software development kits for the...

Software development kits are the first step for third-parties to create new games for the platform, which means Nintendo could be closer to an...

Monolith Soft is on a huge hiring push for Tokyo and Kyoto office...

The developer of the Xenoblade series has several new positions open for both offices, meaning their next big project could be getting underway.

Nintendo eShop: Yoshi’s Woolly World & more this week

Yoshi’s Woolly World releases in North America tomorrow, but a special edition of New Super Mario Bros. U with Luigi DLC is coming, too.

Nintendo and Google betting big on Pokemon Go with $20 million in...

Nintendo is betting big on mobile with Pokemon Go, with a $20 million investment in the studio creating the game.

Big maintenance period coming on Oct. 19 affects Wii U and 3DS

Nintendo will be doing maintenance on the Nintendo Network for an extended period on Monday, October 19.

30th anniversary Mario Hot Wheels collection releasing this month

30th anniversary Mario Hot Wheels collection is hitting stores this month.

Full list of potential upcoming Wii U virtual console titles leak...

A ton of titles for the Wii U virtual console have been discovered, including some pretty popular Wii games.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD seems more likely now

New evidence from data miners suggests Twilight Princess HD is real and incoming. Will Skyward Sword be next?