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Indie exploration game “Koi” coming to Wii U

Was released earlier this year on PS4, now gets a port to the Wii U.

New Nintendo Selects Wii U games get a trailer

The latest lineup of cheap Wii U games are shown off in new trailer.

Twilight Princess HD developer is “very excited” abou...

Australian developer Tantalus talks about their work on Twilight Princess HD and the upcoming NX.

Mario games dominate the Wii U eShop sales chart

7 out of the top 10 best selling titles on the eShop are Mario games.

Nintendo: we have to do better with the launch of the NX than wit...

Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime says the company has learned from its mistakes with the Wii U launch.

Super Mario 64 DS coming to Wii U eShop tomorrow

A remake of a remake lands on the Wii U.

Check out 30 minutes of footage from the cancelled GoldenEye 007 ...

Iwata saw it and said that under “absolutely no circumstances would Nintendo allow the game to see release on another platform”.

FAST Racing Neo gets new DLC trailer

Will be included for free in the upcoming retail version of the game.

Nintendo wants the NX to appeal both to gamers and their moms

They want both the hardcore and casual crowd.

First 11 minutes of Axiom Verge on Wii U (video)

11 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming Wii U platformer.

A guy named Bowser is now Nintendo of America’s VP of sales and...

He’s now in charge of selling the Wii U and NX to the masses.