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Nintendo announces new console: the NES Classic Edition (seriousl...

A mini version of the NES with built-in 30 NES games.

Wii U sales triple in Japan thanks to new Splatoon bundle

And Splatoon was the second best selling game in Japan.

Pokemon Go has 7.5 million downloads and $14 million in revenue i...

It’s no longer a “hit”, it’s a sensation.

Puzzle game Tumblestone hits the Wii U eShop

Featuring local and online multiplayer.

Kerbal Space Program coming to Wii U later this winter

The quirky space simulator is coming to Wii U this winter with full GamePad integration.

Nintendo stock rockets 36% today so far thanks to Pokemon Go

Biggest one-day jump in company history.

Miyamoto says Pikmin 4 is still in development

But it’s not a top priority at Nintendo.

Pachter: NX can sell 20 to 50 million units if it’s as powe...

Because that will bring on board the third party publishers.

Chinese ripped off Splatoon for a mobile game. And it looks ident...

And it looks a lot like the real Splatoon. So real that Nintendo is taking down videos of it.

Nintendo originally believed they would sell 100 million Wii Us

But the current President wasn’t so sure.