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Check out all 7 of the Super Mario Maker start-up screens [VIDEO]

Here’s a look at seven days worth of start up sequences for Super Mario Maker!

Splatoon and Nintendo 3DS dominate Japanese sales charts this wee...

No new software released this week in Japan, but Nintendo has dominated the charts with both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games.

Indie horror game Chasing Dead is coming to Wii U [VIDEO]

Chasing Dead is a new sci-fi horror game in development and coming to Wii U.

Freedom Planet devs delay Wii U launch again after failed patch

Freedom Planet has been delayed while the developer works to fix unexpected bugs found during certification.

Live gameplay footage of The Bridge, launching tomorrow on Wii U ...

The Bridge is launching on Wii U tomorrow, check out this unique brand of gravity meets M.C. Escher design.

The next Splatfest pits Autobots against Decepticons

Splatfest is coming back with a vengeance next week, pitting Autobots against Decepticons in this Transformers-themed event!

You’ll start with the ability to upload 10 levels in Super ...

Players will start with 10 slots for uploading levels in Super Mario Maker and will unlock more as the community likes them.

Nintendo hosting another Nindie night before PAX Prime

Nintendo is kicking off PAX Prime early with their Nindies@Night event at the EMP Museum in Seattle.

Do you have faith that Nintendo will deliver the next console you...

With the Nintendo NX likely coming sooner rather than later, do you still trust Nintendo to provide a quality experience at launch?

Wii U firmware update 5.5.0 out now, removes TVii after shut down

A new firmware update for Wii U has completely removed the TVii icon from the Wii U menu after Nintendo announced it is pulling...

Amiiqo NFC device gives you storage for 200 amiibo figures

A new NFC transfer device lets you store up to 200 amiibo data on your NFC-comptaible Android smartphone.

Nintendo hosting another Splatoon Wii U demo event

Heads up, Inklings! Nintendo has announced a new Testfire event this weekend for Splatoon so those without the game can play for a few...

Super Mario Maker features a Tingle costume

Super Mario Maker has 99 costumes and it looks like Tingle is one of them.

Wii U sold 46k in July according to unconfirmed NPD numbers

According to leaked NPD information, the Wii U sold around 46k units in the United States during July.

Wii U Daily’s Find a Wii U Friend Sunday

Find new friends and someone to play with in our new weekly series.

You can get the Super Mario Maker booklet even if you buy the gam...

It’s little things like this that make Nintendo awesome.

30 of the coolest Zelda GIFs ever

While we wait for Zelda on the Wii U, enjoy these 30 awesome and cool Zelda GIFs.