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New weapon found in Splatoon thanks to data-mining

Thanks to data-mining, a new weapons has been discovered in Splatoon.

Australian man tries to buy every amiibo in 24 hours [VIDEO]

One man. One mission. Buy all 57 amiibo in Australia within 24 hours. Can he do it?

Watch Playtonic Games play around with Super Mario Maker [LIVE]

Watch as Playtonic Games creates several different levels in Super Mario Maker!

Assault Android Cactus for Wii U has been delayed to 2016

Witch Beam is delaying the Wii U version of Assault Android Cactus to 2016.

Some players still reporting 2.1 update hasn’t fixed connec...

A small minority of players are experiencing connection problems so bad, Splatoon is unplayable for them.

Modern Mario amiibo will be exclusive to bundle at launch

Modern Mario amiibo will be exclusive to the Super Mario Maker bundle at launch.

Extreme Exorcism coming to Wii U on September 23

Extreme Exorcism finally has a release date and price, so get ready to get your poltergeist busting on!

Target offering up to 30% off Nintendo titles next week

Target is offering up to 30% off of their Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games starting this Sunday.

Bowser Jr. amiibo is exclusive to Toys R Us

Looks like Bowser Jr. will be exclusive to Toys R Us in the United States.

Super Mario Maker review round-up

Super Mario Maker is releasing in just under two weeks and it’s getting tons of great reviews in the press!

Ledge jump glitch fixed on Arowana Mall map in Splatoon [VIDEO]

Splatoon’s 2.1.0 update brought several glitch fixes, including the ledges near team bases on Arowana Mall.

Nintendo pits YouTubers against one another in Super Mario Maker ...

Five YouTube celebs are going head-to-head to create their own levels in Super Mario Maker and you choose the winner!

Canadian Walmart flyer shows Dr. Mario and Modern 8-bit Mario ami...

New flyer from a Canadian Walmart confirms exclusivity for Dr. Mario and Modern 8-bit Mario amiibo.

GameStop now has the Toad, Bowser, and Yoshi Wii Remotes

GameStop has the new Toad, Bowser, and Yoshi Wii remotes that were released in Japan earlier this year.

Miyamoto will be attending Nintendo’s 30th anniversary fest...

The week of September 13, Shigeru Miyamoto will be attending a 30th anniversary celebration for Mario.

Amazon is now selling Nintendo digital downloads

Amazon is adding Wii U and 3DS digital downloads to its library of content, so you have more places to buy games.

New Super Mario Maker commercial – The Shift [VIDEO]

Nintendo’s new commercial for Super Mario Maker focuses on shifting level palettes and why it’ll bring gamers together.