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Nintendo finally gets around to explaining amiibo in a commercial

Nintendo's new commercial explains amiibo functionality, with emphasis that they work across numerous Nintendo games.

Walmart is cancelling some gold Mario amiibo pre-orders

Walmart is sending out cancellation emails to some people who pre-ordered the gold Mario amiibo.

Nintendo will showcase Splatoon and Code Name S.T.E.A.M. at PAX E...

Nintendo will be attending PAX East this year and showcasing Splatoon and Code Name S.T.E.A.M. as well as other 3DS titles.

West Coast port strike ending soon, will we see more Nintendo sup...

The West Coast port strike is coming to an end, so supply for Nintendo products should rebound soon.

Iwata confirms the West Coast port strike has affected 3DS and am...

Iwata has confirmed that the West Coast port dispute has had an impact on their supply for both amiibo and the new Nintendo 3DS...

Nintendo will discuss its Quality of Life platform at next invest...

Iwata says Nintendo will discuss the Quality of Life platform and future smartphone endeavors in the next financial meeting.

Iwata says Nintendo will focus more on the GamePad in 2015

During today's investor meeting, Iwata stated that Nintendo is focusing on games that utilize the GamePad in new and unique ways.

Nintendo has sold 5.7 million amiibo worldwide since launch

Nintendo says it remains committed to amiibo and will consider more production for highly popular figures.

Several indie devs showcasing Nintendo games at IndieCade East

IndieCade East will be underway this weekend, with several indie developers who are working on games for Nintendo platforms in attendance.

Nintendo showcases the avatar creator from Xenoblade Chronicles X...

Listen to a new music track from Xenoblade Chronicles X as we have a scroll through the custom avatar creator's options.

Nintendo asks fans to pick a Mushroom Kingdom valentine

Nintendo asks fans to vote for whom they'd like to spend a Valentine's Day with among Mushroom Kingdom residents. The result is surprising!

Check out the US box art for Splatoon in HD

Check out this high def look at Splatoon's amazingly colorful box art.

Fatal Frame has a high chance of localization [RUMOR]

According to a developer close to the project lead for Fatal Frame, the West could be seeing a localization soon.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse ad is amazingly cute [VIDEO]

Nintendo's TV spot for Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is cute and oh hey, exclusive to the Wii U.

Nintendo wins Fighting & Racing Game of the Year from DICE A...

The 18th annual DICE awards were held last night and Nintendo claimed three of the available awards.

Teslagrad patch with screenshot functionality awaiting approval f...

Teslagrad has a patch now live in Europe and awaiting approval in the US that adds screenshot support and new control methods to the...

Nintendo of America is soliciting feedback on their social media ...

Nintendo of America is seeking to improve their performance on social media by tailoring content to fans.