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Wii U platformer “Poncho” actually looks pretty good ...

The indie platformer you’ll probably want to get on the Wii U.

Pokken Tournament ships 1 million units on the Wii U

One of the more successful third party games on the Wii U.

NX might use the new and much more powerful Tegra X2 chip

Uses the same graphics technology as the new GTX 1080 and 1070 flagship graphics cards.

Japanese Wii U sales stay steady at 5,000 per week

To date, the console has sold 3.2 million in the country.

Yooka-Laylee gets new trailer and gameplay video

The Banjo-Kazooie-inspired platformer is looking pretty good.

Splatoon multiplayer demo is coming back next week

For those who have yet to try it.

Get notified of your favorite topics in the new GameFans app upda...

The GameFans app has been updated with the ability to follow topics to get instant notifications about the gaming news you love most.

Axiom Verge coming to Wii U on September 1

Wii U gets another retro 2D shooter…

Rumor: Nvidia canned its Shield tablet successor because of the N...

More pointing at Nvidia and Nintendo cooperation on the NX.

Zelda producer says it was “extremely hard” to make t...

The day/night cycle affects gameplay a lot this time around.

Wii U sold 25,000 units in July in the US: NPD

Compared to 170,000 Xbox One consoles.

Wave Race 64 hits the Wii U eShop today

The N64 classic is now on the eShop.

New Wii U platformer “Mekazoo” shown off in gameplay ...

Another platformer, but this one looks better than most.