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UK retailer Tesco lists Nintendo NX at £350

Good God, man, that’s a pricely little bugger!

New mockup shows what the Nintendo NX might look like

Not sure how accurate it is, but it does look interesting.

Source claims the NX will have a “Share” button

For easy integration with YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Nintendo wants the NX to appeal both to gamers and their moms

They want both the hardcore and casual crowd.

NX might use the new and much more powerful Tegra X2 chip

Uses the same graphics technology as the new GTX 1080 and 1070 flagship graphics cards.

Rumor: Nvidia canned its Shield tablet successor because of the N...

More pointing at Nvidia and Nintendo cooperation on the NX.

Report: NX production starts in “early fourth quarter of 20...

A test production run by the end of this month?

Ubisoft: We have several games planned for the NX

Assassin’s Creed? The Division? Watch Dogs?

Report: Nintendo NX will use Nvidia’s new, unannounced Tegr...

Based on the same “Pascal” architecture that powers the GTX 1080 and 1070.

New report says NX will be as powerful as PS4 Neo

File this one under “highly unlikely”.

Should Pokémon come to home consoles with the NX? [VIDEO]

Fans have been requesting a main series Pokémon game on home consoles for decades now. With the NX on the horizon, is it time...

2016: Nintendo’s worst year ever? [VIDEO]

With Nintendo delaying the next Legend of Zelda game to 2017 and the NX confirmed to launch next year as well, is 2016 shaping...

Nintendo announces March 2017 launch for NX and Zelda dual releas...

Nintendo had a lot to say on social media last night, announcing a March launch for the NX, and a dual release for The...

New rumor suggests the Nintendo NX has similar specs to the Xbox ...

It will also feature wireless HDMI and looks like “Samsung and the Nintendo 2DS had a baby”.